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BitClout is the new stock market. And BitCloutIQ will help you win.

BitCloutIQ is the 1st portfolio management tool lets you visualize your individual investments and overall portfolio growth.

But this is only the beginning, and we've got even bigger plans... stay tuned 😉

We help you make data-driven decisions.

From the moment you create an account on our platform, BitCloutIQ collects data to graph the growth of your investments.

Why should you sign up Now?

The earlier you create an account on BitCloutIQ, the more graphing data you'll have! And bragging rights to your friends because you joined earlier than they did. 😄

You'll also get access to a secret discord channel with the best bitclout investors...🤫


Free Tier

How to access: Shoutout @BitCloutIQ in a BitClout post

  • View overall portfolio % gains and losses and in $USD

  • Visualize overall portfolio growth on a line graph

  • View portfolio highs and lows in $USD


Cost: $150 invested into @BitCloutIQ

  • Access to "My Holdings" section

  • View % gains and losses per individual coin

  • Visualize % gains and losses per coin on a graph

  • More features coming soon...


Cost: Own 1 @BitCloutIQ coin

  • Coming soon... 🤫


Cost: Own 10 @BitCloutIQ coins AND top 3 holders

  • Coming soon...

Sign Up and Get Started Today!

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